E-guide 'The pencil portrait. Basic'

Humid peach
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  • 79 pages
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My artist way

I am HUMID PEACH, self-taught artist, who learned to paint portraits on my own. I have been developing independently for 6 years and during this time I managed to try a lot of materials and techniques. I was able to step over to a new level — from a beginner to a professional artist and I want to help you!

I know what difficulties you may face, so I wrote an e-book for you as an assistant.

About what?

I decided to start with the basics and teach you how to draw a portrait in pencil. I believe that this is the basis that will allow you to improve your skills and develop in other directions.

The guide contains not only information about anatomy and facial proportions, but also collected a lot of my knowledge that will help you to draw not only portraits.

The guide is great for newbies, because I've tried to provide information that novice artist might not know about. I described everything with simple and understandable words, and also supplemented them with a large number of illustrations and step-by-step instructions. The e-book contains 79 pages.

What you will learn

Learn the basic concepts and principles of drawing, that will help you understand the process.

You'll learn the concepts of light, shadow, and tone, which will help you work with color and volume.

Get a basic understanding of facial anatomy (skeleton and muscles).

You will understand proportions and basic methods of construction in a portrait.

Know how to easily draw volumetric eyes, nose and lips.

Train how to draw a portrait in profile.

How to hold a pencil and how to stroke a portrait correctly

With the help of small exercises and my step-by-step illustrations you will better understand the theoretical part, which will help you apply what you have learned in practice. It will also inspire you!

As a self-taught artist, I believe that anyone can learn to draw. In the book I gave everything, that will come in handy in the learning process.

I want this!

I created my first e-guide to help You learn how to draw and improve Your drawing skills.


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E-guide 'The pencil portrait. Basic'

50 ratings
I want this!